Eddy Hedington

Comic book writer and lettering

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New Comic Series currently in production

Created, Written and Lettered by Eddy Hedington

  1. To Hope From Home
    To Hope From Home
    Submission for "Ghost City's 5X5 Fest" with hopes to be accepted in the upcoming "Look" monthly publication from Fantagraphix.
  2. Mesmeric Revelation
    Mesmeric Revelation
    Short story featured in "The Edgar Allan Poe Chronicles", an anthology based on the works of Edgar Alan Poe. Edited by James Mascia
  3. To Deny The Fay
    To Deny The Fay
    Featured in the "One Comic To Rule Them All" anthology.
  4. The Brick House
    The Brick House
    Finished 16 page short and currently unpublished. UPDATE: in talks to be published in a horror anthology series.
  5. Punk My Way
    Punk My Way
    Currently complete but unpublished
  6. A Sorry Belated
    A Sorry Belated
    Work in progress. Art is finished. Waiting on editing and finishing my lettering. No plans for publishing.
  7. The Human Chain
    The Human Chain
    Short story to be featured in "The Big Sea" benefit anthology to raise funds for cancer treatment.
  8. Hot Lava Monster
    Hot Lava Monster
    Featured in "Little Heroes Vol. 2", an anthology to benefit children hospitals.
  9. The Time Between
    The Time Between
    A short story to be featured in the anthology "Why Faith?". Edited by Jack Holder
  10. Murder at the Miskatonic Marsh
    Murder at the Miskatonic Marsh
    A story for the "Rigor Mortis" digital horror anthology series. Two "made men" attempt to dispose of a body in a swamp near the Miskatonic river. Little do the now of the horrors that await them.
  11. First Solo: a space copz story
    First Solo: a space copz story
    A 3 page short for an upcoming Space Copz anthology
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Eddy Hedington assigned atributes :
Husband of 1 and father of 3...with 1 on the way
Lives in Tacoma, WA
Extreme passion for writing
Ex-punk rawker/song writer/musician  https://omegazero.bandcamp.com/
An official AquaCadet
Loves Comics; Vinyl records, Film scores, Comic cons and family
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